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28. (1) A Unit or Developer may import goods directly into the Special Economic Zone or through any other—

(a) ports or airports;
(b) land customs stations;
(c) inland container depots;
(d) foreign post offices;
(e) authorized couriers; or
(f) through personal baggage of passengers authorized by the Special Economic Zone Unit; or
(g) via Satellite data communication such as internet or any other telecommunication link.
(2) Goods imported through ports or airports, land customs stations, or inland container depots shall be allowed to be transferred in full cargo load or less than container load cargo by direct transfer from such port or airport or inland container depot or land customs station to the Special Economic Zone.
(3) The import of Information Technology enabled services, including software, shall also be allowed through data communication link, internet, e-mail or any other electronic mode.
(4) The Unit or Developer may also procure goods required for the authorized operations, without payment of duty, from International
Exhibitions held in India or from bonded warehouses set up under the Foreign Trade Policy and under the Customs Act in the Domestic Tariff Area.
(5) The goods imported by the Unit or Developer shall be allowed to be transferred from the port or airport to the Special Economic Zone without examination by the Customs Authorities at the port or airport, as the case may be:
PROVIDED that the goods may be examined with the prior permission of the Assistant or Deputy Commissioner of Customs in writing in case there is specific adverse information or intelligence.
(6) The goods imported by a Developer or Unit shall be transhipped by the carrier or its agent directly to the Special Economic Zone.
(7) Where import cargo destination is the Special Economic Zone, delivery shall be allowed at the destination port or airport on the strength of Bill of Entry assessed by Special Economic Zone Customs without any
Transhipment Bond:
Provided that in case of high value goods imported through the airport, the goods may be transferred to the Custodian who shall transfer
the same to a designated Customs Area located inside the Processing Area designated by the Specified Officer for further delivery to the Unit
or Developer: 
Provided further that the high value cargo imported through the airport may also be transferred under the Customs escort at the option
of the Unit or the Developer.
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