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45. Exports — (1) A Unit may export goods or services as per the terms and conditions of Letter of Approval including agro-products, partly processed goods, sub-assemblies and components except prohibited items under the Import Trade Control (Harmonized System) Classification of Export and Import Items and the Unit may also export by-products, rejects, waste scrap arising out of the manufacturing process.

(2) A Unit, other than a trading or Free Trade and Warehousing or service Unit, may export to Russian Federation in Indian Rupees against repayment of State Credit or Escrow Rupee Account of the buyers, subject to clearance from the Reserve Bank of India, required, if any.

(3) A Unit engaged in development of computer software may undertake export, including export of professional services, using data
communication links or do physical exports, including through courier service.
(4) The Foreign Trade Policy restrictions on State Trading Enterprises shall not apply to Special Economic Zone manufacturing Units:
Provided that export of iron ore shall be subject to conditions as may be laid down by the Central Government from time to time.
(5) Minimum export price and requirements of export in consumer pack as provided for in the Foreign Trade Policy shall apply in case the raw
materials are procured indigenously and exported without further processing or manufacturing activities.
(6) The export of textile items shall be governed by bilateral agreements,
if any.
(7) A Unit may export free samples without any limit, including samples made in wax moulds or silver mould or non-precious metal alloy or
rubber moulds through all permissible modes of export.
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