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11. Procedure for dealing with application for direction:-

(1) On receipt of an application under rule 10, the Controlling Authority shall, by issuing a notice in Form ‘O’, call upon the applicant as well as the employer to appear before him on a specified date, time and place, either by himself or through his authorised representative together with all relevant documents and witnesses, if any,

(2) Any person desiring to act on behalf of an employer or employee, nominee or legal heir, as the case may be, shall present to the controlling authority a letter of authority from the employer or the person concerned, as the case may be, on whose behalf he seeks to act together with a written statement explaining his interest in the matter and praying for permission so to act. The Controlling Authority shall record thereon an order either according to his approval or specifying, in the case of refusal to grant the permission prayed for, the reasons for the refusal. 
(3) A party appearing by an authorised representative shall be bound by the acts of the representative.
(4) After completion of hearing on the date fixed under sub-rule (1), or after such further evidence, examination of documents, witnesses, hearing and enquiry, as may be deemed necessary, the Controlling Authority shall record his finding as to whether any amount is payable to the applicant under the Act. A copy of the finding shall be given to each of the parties.
(5) If the employer concerned fails to appear on the specified date of hearing after due service of notice without sufficient cause, the controlling authority may proceed to hear and determine the application ex parte. If the applicant fails to appear on the specified date of hearing without sufficient cause, the controlling authority may dismiss the application:
Provided that an order under this sub-rule may, on good cause being shown within thirty days of the said order, be reviewed and the application re-heard after giving not less than fourteen days’ notice to the opposite party of the date fixed for re-hearing of the application.


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